SiShield is pleased to announce the recent EPA approval of the newest SiShield product – SIS AM75. This specific product rounds out our portfolio of products due to its consumer-grade application, with 0.75% active ingredient. Given this, it is approved by the EPA for commercial applications in homes, offices, automobiles and other institutions, such as schools, hospitals, daycare centers and other similar environments.

SIS AM75 is formulated as a ready to use product. It is used for treatment of surfaces in indoor and outdoor environments to control mold and bacterial growth. Examples of use include:


1) Remediation projects in indoor environments suffering from water intrusion where extensive mold and bacterial growth occurs. SIS AM75 is typically applied after primary remediation (i.e., physical cleaning to remove contamination and/or removal of contaminated construction materials). SIS AM75 is then spray applied to all accessible surfaces and allowed to dry prior to microbial validation testing.


2) Surface treatments in hospitals, schools, homes, public buildings, and biotechnology environments.


If you have any further needs or specific questions about the SIS AM75, please contact Jacques Elfersy at

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